Pandaren Jade Crane... cannot learn?

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My pandaren is out in SW, and i go up to the pet battle trainer and try to learn the Jade Crane. It says this is unavailable and I must learn pet battles... even when I already have it learned? Ive even levelede a few teams to 25... =/
I've been having the same problem with the Gilnean Raven.
I am having the same problem on all my alts. I have learned the hoe to pet battle but I can not learn the race specific pets nor do the quests open up for me to go battle the trainers.
There is a huge bug with this.

When you create a a new character you learn Pet Battling right away even though it has a level 5 requirement.

Now if you log off prior to reaching level 5 you will "forget" Pet Battling but the trainer will think that you have already learned it.

This means you cannot learn that pet because your character doesn't know Pet Battling but the trainer assumes that you do and will not train you in it.

However, when you reach level 5 without logging off you get the message that you have unlocked Pet Battling and it saves correctly.

The only way to get the pet is to start that character over and wait until level 5 to log off.
Not so sure that's the case. I know I logged off my Panda before she hit lvl 5, but she was able to buy the crane just fine.
Is anyone at Blizz looking into this? I cannot pick up the Crane either even though I can pet battle. I've opened a ticket but so far have not heard back.
same issue. This bug exists too long. awful

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