L90 transmog vendor in Shrine of 2 Moons

Where is he located again? I found him once and he sells the gear for 100g per item.
Yeah I found him once too lol. The guy who sells the gundam wing looking gear. I need to start grinding whatever rep he requires our pvp gear is butt ugly.
Do you recall where he is?
Alliance-side the vendor is the vendor 'underneath' the overhang. If I recall, he also gives out the only daily quest at the respective faction's location (To do a challenge mode).

The gear he sells is not drop based, it is not rep-based, it is purely based on obtaining a Gold Medal via accomplishing challenge-mode dungeons under the set time (Well, the time limit set by blizzard to achieve Gold). The gear is otherwise unobtainable.

You must not only get Gold, you must complete every challenge mode with with Gold.

See here: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=6378

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