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Bleeding Hollow
<Provoked> is a new 10 man raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow, however, we are not a new guild by any means. We used to reside on Galakrond, one of the worst servers in all of WoW, before we decided to transfer to a more populated server.

The guild was founded on Galakrond, horde side, back when Firelands was current content. At that time we were one of the top guilds on Galakrond and the top guild on the horde side. We were able to complete 6/7H before attempting to transition to a 25 man raiding guild. Our transition to 25 man didn’t go as planned and unfortunately we had to take a step back. We didn’t raid together at all during Dragon Soul and recently reformed the guild.

We are currently looking to pick up a few people to finish our 10 man roster on Bleeding Hollow. We are looking to pick up mostly healers/dps but everyone is welcome to contact us. The guild is also doing open recruitment to players of all levels that just want a place to call home and people to talk to when they are leveling, pvping, farming, etc.

Feel free to message any of the following people in game for more information: Captiv#1751, Freakz#1390, Draxon#1584, and Arcadio#1269. You can usually find one of us on at any time. You can also contact anyone in the guild and they should be able to let us know that you were needed to speak with one of us.

Looking to pickup a healer for core raiding with us. We would prefer a Mistweaver Monk or a Holy Paladin but all healing classes will be considered.

Current Progression: 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF
Raid Times: 9 to 12 Server
Raid Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
We are actively seeking a third healer or a melee dps to finish out our 10 man raid group. Also, actively recruiting anyone that is looking for a place to call home while they are leveling.
Still looking for 3rd heals or melee DPS.
LF Disc Priest or Holy Paladin
I used to be in provoked on galakrond ;) I just got back into wow and am looking for a guild :D

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