Petition: Harsher punishment for AFK Botters

Has this ever happened to you? You enter a battleground, and you start fighting, only to realize that your team is outnumbered. Badly. Its a 10 man battleground and 2 of your players are completely afk, mounting up, casting a spell on themself every 10 seconds, rinse and repeat - 20% of your team is completely missing. It is often difficult or impossible to get rid of them in time using the AFK reporting system before you have already lost the battleground. So you lose the battleground, and queue up for another game, and guess what? The same afk botters are back in your game, making it almost impossible to win.

I would like to suggest that Blizzard implement harsher punishments for repeat AFK offenders in battlegrounds. Too many players have abused AFK botting for too long, essentially griefing the rest of the player base for extra levels, and now for items that are actually useful in PvE as well as PvP. You can't afk your way to justice and valor points, I don't see why we should allow players to do the same for honor and conquest points.

I believe the following penalties should be added to BG afkers:

2nd offense in a day: deserter debuff for 1 hour
3rd offense in a day: deserter debuff for 24 hours

Blizzard should also keep track of players who are reported across multiple battlegrounds. For players who have already been reported that day (but not kicked), reduce the number of inidividual reports needed before the AFK timer is activated for that player. This will help get rid of players who are flying under the radar because not enough people in the BG notice that they are AFK and have time/know how to use the AFK reporting system.

Please post here to voice your support for ending the plague of battleground AFK botters taking advantage of a broken system.

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