Brewmasters, Glyph of guard and Ox statue

I failed to notice this anywhere else when i went looking so forgive me if this was a topic of much discussion at one point. Have any of you tanks using glyph of guard notice that it prevents the Ox statue from applying a guard to friendly targets you are grouped with?

I tested this out with a few duels between friends, beating on random creatures until a guard proc would happen (indicated by a prayer of mending like effect flying out from the statue to the target) and noticed they were not getting the guard effect when the glyph was equipped. Take it off, and the guard effect works like clockwork.

Even dueling the person after seeing the effect hit them with the glyph equipped, they would not absorb any damage magic or otherwise (having a mage friend beat on them to be sure). I don't really care one way or the other if the glyph affects the function of the statue, but to flat out not work at all.... seems bugged to me. =p
err, well... anyone else notice this? I mean it is nice to have that glyph to help soak up some magic damage, because aside from diffuse we really have nothing else. I know either are situational and we can always swap to whats necessary before a fight, but it really kind of blows to lose some of our passive raid/group utility even if it is minor when we use the glyph.
Was noted in the beta. Nothing changed then, probably won't change now.
10/07/2012 04:18 AMPosted by Zegreiart
Was noted in the beta. Nothing changed then, probably won't change now.

Could describe most of the monk class with this.
I can confirm this is bugged. I put in a ticket day one of MoP and a GM told me they thank me for informing them of this bug and that they will work to fix it. So who knows. i don't use the glyph because the healers can always use giant shields spamming the raid from me.

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