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I am having an extremely hard time finding out where this quest starts. I have found Earthmender Splinthoof, Earthmender Torlok, and Oronok Torn-heart and none of them have any quests to give for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure what you're asking, I did this (most excellent) chain back in BC, and it progresses throughout the zone from or the horde version.

what are you asking if you're including the links to the quests you need to do which have the locations attached?

SMV faction base ---> hand of Gul'dan ---> quest progression ---> Oronok Torn heart in north SMV ---> quest progression ----> loot
I can't start the quest. I can find the guys they just have no quests. Those NPC's have nothing for me and I have checked the "Low Level Quests" option as well.
You did the entire chain that's on the wowhead page you linked? You can't start at the end just for the quest item you want, you have to start from the beginning. >_<
I realize that, I was just saying that I tried to do it from the beginning and I couldn't start it.

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