Why was my character flagged for a rename?

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I just moved my Druid on to my main account, and for some stupid reason, I was forced to rename him. Even worse, now the name is flagged as "Unavailable", despite NOBODY on the server using it.

This is completely unacceptable. If the name were offensive or something crazy like that, absolutely, I would understand. Hell, even if it was a "joke-y" sort of name, I could maybe understand it. But the name he has was perfectly suitable, and I've used it for several years. Why was I forced to change it, and perhaps more importantly, who do I contact about getting it changed back?
There has been a bug that flags renames. Open a ticket to a GM and (politely) request the name change. You should be okay to choose a name now so you can keep playing on that toon :)
Unfortunately, I don't believe that they can remove this restriction with a ticket. The name gets locked for 30 days when you move the toon from one Battle.net account to another. You're still welcome to put in a ticket, but I'm pretty sure that's not something that a GM can override.

It's just not the same as a faction change re-name bug from my understanding.

That said, my understanding is that in 30 days a GM can get you your name back!
Hmm, odd. I put in a ticket, but I'll probably try calling Billing or something Monday. I'd just be absolutely sick if I lost the name, as I've been using it on my Druid for years now :(
Just to be clear Terin, billing can't help with this as far as I know. That said, you will indeed get the name back, it might just have to wait the cool-off period. It's sort of an intended change with an unintended side effect.

Again, sit tight and see what the GM says, but I'm pretty sure that you'll have to wait out the cool-down on the name. That shouldn't prevent you from re-naming and playing on!
I has this issue with moving to a new server, open and ticket with the issue and the game you actually wanted it. They will change it for you as long as it is not taken.

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