The Fanciest Water. I'm going to hell now.

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I did the quest "The Fanciest Water" last night and I just can't get it out of my head. The quest has us kill Curious Water Sprites

Killing these sprites is just awful. They're not hostile. They're very cute and childlike and they make the saddest, most pathetic sounds when you hurt them. I kept hoping the next one would drop the quest item, and then the next, and the next. When the quest was finally, thankfully done I told my guildies that if there's a hell I'm probably on my way. If I ever do this quest again on an alt I'll have to mute it. Might help a bit.

I'm not the only one who felt this way either. Here's some comments from Wowhead:

The sounds the Water Sprites make when you kill them just breaks my heart. I just can't do it.

I feel so guilty killing the poor little things. :( And he's going to make them into beer and drink them?? At least he doesn't give us some of it as a quest rewards.

I was thinking the same thing, they aren't even hostile and 'curious' in the name, I know it's just supposed to be a game and it's not real, but blizz is the one that made them up to be child-like and now we have to go around killing them to make alcohol... wth blizz? I could see it if they were corrupt and needed to be 'released' or something along that line, at least give us a reason. Even in the quest text it says they just cause a ruckus, I'm sure there are ways they deal with them without killing them.

Count me in for this as well. It makes me feel like a child-abuser to do this quest.. really bad idea Blizz.

I feel horrible after doing the quest to kill these guys. They're cute. They aren't hostile and they make the most piteous, little cries of pain when you hit them. Blizz might as well have given us a quest to kill puppies and kittens. They're like children. Killing them felt very, very wrong.

In fact, the only Wowhead comments about the quest or these mobs is how horrible players felt killing them.

I don't know that anything can be changed at this point, but Blizz, please, in the future, no more quests that have us basically kill children, ok? Thanks.
I need to do this quest if I haven't already.

I loved killing them!
Pandaren aren't as nice and peaceful as they make themselves out to be.
Oh those poor pixelated souls!
IC: I thought you Horde loved killing innocents. After what you did at Theramore.....

OOC: No one forces you to do any quest. If you cannot stomach it, abandon it. I felt uncomfortable killing those passive mobs in the opening quests in most of the starting areas too, but they were still depicted as enemies. It would be better if all enemies, even in starting zones, really acted hostile and attacked you.
Hugs make everyone feel better, even after killing innocent souls.
As I recall, elementals don't really die if you kill them in Azeroth, they only return to their respective elemental plane.

...though whether or not Pandaria's elementals have access, hard to say. I would like to think so...
I had a wonderful time killing them and drinking their bodies!
they stole my golds i need to get it back
10/06/2012 06:10 PMPosted by Bichorak
I thought you Horde loved killing innocents. After what you did at Theramore.....

See also: Camp Taurajo
But they're being used to make beer.
I mean, what better reincarnation is there?
I need to do this quest if I haven't already.


I never get to kill any female worgen, that saddens me.
But they're being used to make beer.
I mean, what better reincarnation is there?

Mt. Dew?
Fellas. If you can't separate yourselves from things dying in a video game, then video games aren't the place for you. It'd be different for if every curious water sprite you killed, a real puppy died. But that's not the case at all. You have to be able to emotionally separate yourself from video games or you'll just torture yourself over silly non-sense.
OP, I know you can't hear me way back in 2012 but they had it coming.

See also: Camp Taurajo

The only people killed at Taurajo were holding weapons and a channel was left open for civilians to escape, and a conventional attack is a good bit different than a weapon of mass destruction used after a feint and blockade used to trick the defenders into keeping civilians within the walls.

It, um, wasn't a weapon of mass destruction.

WMDs are nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons.

A mana bomb is none of those.

The Blood Plague was a WMD.

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