What people are failing to see IMO

Right now PvP is pretty well spot on with balance! Yes I said it... Blizzard has come a LONG way since Cata imo and getting close to TBC arena's (which while never 100% balanced pvp was super fun and about as balanced as it has ever been in season 2-3). Now the are HUGE GLARING issues that NEED to be addressed, but overall I see PvP having a chance to be wonderful this expansion!

My list of changes that are need.

Cooldown bursting- fix this for a few select classes mainly warriors. If you can nerf their huge insane burst down a little bit and leave all their stun/silences they will still be in a good slot.

CC's- Slap a few more shared DR's between CC's and adjust fear etc.

Healing- With burst taking a heavy nerf and cc's getting reduced you can then proceed to adjust healing.

Overall though I do believe Blizzard has got the concept and setup of a wonderful design for once to be able to adjust these issues. Why they havent yet is beyond me though. All classes will be in a much better standing if they town down cooldown stacking burst and the overall raw power of cooldowns to begin with and increase sustain pressure where landing a more limited CC chain can still net kills.

Classes themselves are NOT the problem! I think this is the first expansion where classes overall seem to be in great standing it's just overshown on what some can do (ie Disc priests/ Rogues etc) by the classes that are able to insta-gib at the moment.

Edit: Some "small" changes I think that would go along way for adjusting classes without "breaking them entirely" I'll list below

Mages- Glyph of fire blast nerf would go a long way here imo...

Warriors- Reduce the ability to pop ALL their cooldowns at once and the blanket silence on pummel/heroic throw.

Hunters- Lynx rush adjustment and BW unable to be instant reset. Increase sustain for this class in return

Resto druids- Scale back their mastery by a tad.

CC's- put all magic effects on a shared DR and physical CC on a shared DR.

Stuns/Scatter/Blind etc.
Fear/Poly/Cyclone/Traps etc.
Roots/Horror/Blanket Silences (leave silences when interrupting a certain school in effect, just a small nerf to the blanket silences)

I believe this will change a big part of the game and allow us to see more or less what *tweaks* can be made and other adjustments when these very easy adjustments have been added.

Now proceed to flame me like I know 99.9% of the people crying "NERF TO THE GROUND" will = \
Heard more people !@#$% about the counterspell glyph then the inferno blast lol

They do need to tweak fears DR as it doesn't appear to be working as intended, going from 12 fear to another 12 fear to dead is no fun.

Besides that I only have problems with warriors smashing everybodys faces in and BM's bringing the zoo to town with there dumbed down spec. /facepalm
I agree with you Justy .. if this season gets worse and Guild wars 2 is balanced in pvp . I m done with this bogus crap. Wow favors certain classes and its BS
10/07/2012 01:58 AMPosted by Nouri
LOL resto druid saying PvP is balanced.

Actually if you read what i wrote you would see I said to reduce Rdruid mastery and well as nerf they synergy our CC has with other classes.

Reading is hard.
Disc Priests over all aren't in a bad spot... They suffer from the same thing every other healer does CC+Blanket silences. Therefore since they hard cast more than most other healers it effects them more. If you cut back on those issues and reduce druid mastery scaling yes all healing will be closer in line.

Could you not assume that is WHY priests are having a hard time? Druids excel right now because we mainly heal with Hots to get us through all the CC priests can't do that. If you tone back CC you will have to tone back druid mastery. Not that hard to understand.

I suppose you didnt play back in the day when it was actual "abilities" holding class back as in no mortal strike, and other issues like that? Now it is all about the fine tuning what we have not what we are lacking.
Just here for the lols
It's just amazing that there's no hotfix for warriors, bms hunters, druid healers, spriests and mages. It's worse than 4.0.3 fury warriors.
Theyre not going to hotfix what constitutes a balance patch.
They did hotfix some outstandingly overpowered cases, but the rest will probably come in 5.1
OP, i see your though pattern with how to fix, ie balance dps then adjust the healing to match the dps levels....

however i do have to say, the PvP aspect of the game appears to be less important than the PvE aspect in the eyes of people that decide where development efforts are directed, this is sad yet wont change until more than 50% of the income generated comes from the pvp community.. till then roags and wizards will continue to be favored

my suggestion is either, roll a mage or a roag.. OR, get a couple mates (make sure u always got a healer in the group) make some alts, dig up some chars that you got laying around in whatever brackets, take your time from 85-90 and ACTUALLY enjoy just pvping as you level...
10/07/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Nouri
No, disc priests suffer because they are absolutely terrible in all aspects. Their throughput is about half that of other classes, they have terrible mana regen and they have no survivability. Even if they have the ability to freecast (Not that difficult in random BGs, mind you), disc priests still can't keep up with healing due to terrible throughput, then they'll run oom after 10 seconds. That's if no melee decides to train the priest and kill them in 5 seconds either.

The flaw here is disc priests should never be in the top heals anyway. Their teams should take less damage! That's what their shield is for. And they should have the best DPS of all healers, on par with monks (pallies have always been a broken class one way or another anyway, so talking about hollies is kind of pointless). Fixing the mana issue, boosting the shields up a bit and shortening the cast time of their offensive abilities would solve all their problems.
In order for people to believe in your claim you have to have either proof or credentials to support your stance. You cannot just come out here and simply rant then expect people to take your word for it.

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