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Pet Battles
Whats a good Bizz store pet to get? Was thinking for something diff I might go with Lil K.T to start maybe? Has anyone out there try this one out for battles?
Are you trying to be different or competitive?

If you want to be different then sure Lil K.T is fine.

Competitive? There are better pets from Blizz to spend real cash on. At least imo.
Lil' Ragnaros seems a popular choice for beating your opponents into submission...
I have Lil Ragnaros and Lil KT, both of which are bought from the Blizz Store.
I leveled Lil Ragnaros to level 10 first, then leveled Lil KT as well as Lil Tarecgosa (team of Littles!)
Lil Ragnaros hits hard and I like to have him as my "tank" in case I'm getting my !@#$ kicked.
What about the panda monk is he a competitive one too?
10/08/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Morrdread
What about the panda monk is he a competitive one too?

No, he is actually pretty weak and needs a buff imho.

this is a joke
Which is better Lil Rag or Panda Monk?
Depends on the team you're fighting, but either Lil Rag or Panda Monk (or god forbid both on the same team) will usually result in a instant win. In fact, a lot of people just forfeit when they see those pets on the enemy team.

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