My problems with rogues

the problems i have pvp wise
to sum it up im a free kill
no survivability no mobility(compared to all other classes) energy starved 90% of the time
at first i though it was me so i went to to see if any rogues are streaming... NO ROGUES ARE STREAMING = something so wrong it should be fixed immediately.....
some of it is my gear but when my highest crit is 40k with eviscerate popping every cd there is... a pallies judgement in ret is hitting me for 80k+ all the time
i have been a decent player as a rogue since bc but now its just bad how i cant kill anyone in pvp
it took 3 level 90 rogues to take out 1 disc priest level 86
also ive heard a 2600 rated rogue (not me!) lost to a 1500 warrior 5 times in a row and the warrior proceeded to call the multiglad rogue trash....
reckful was streaming alot now i dont even see him he has probably rerolled warrior by now

please blizz fix rogues......
i will be editing this thread to make it flow better im adhd so be patient with me

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