[A] Backlash - Recruiting 10M

Backlash is a recent transfer guild looking to fill its 10M raid roster. We are looking for reliable and skilled raiders looking for a long term guild.

We transferred our guild from Illidan prior to the launch of MoP (A:H ratio is about 300:1, and while it's fun to be the under-dog for a while when there are no players to fill your raid and rated BG group it gets old fast). We came to KT after some forum searching with hopes of a strong PVE and PVP server.

Raid Times.

Current Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 6:30PM-10:00PM Server Time.

We expect you to be at the instance ready to go at the raid time. We don't deal well with poor attitudes or poor performance. We can be understanding and work with you on a lot of things but if we have to tell you to get out of the fire all night long don't expect to keep your raid slot.


3 DPS (Mage, Rogue, Hunter, Druid, Ele-Sham, S-Priest)

For more information please contact myself (all my characters have Fusa in the name) or Serephym.
illidan alliance... your brave.

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