Warlock Fun

Step 1: Find important demon mob
Step 2: Enslave said mob
Step 3: Fly into air with said mob
Step 4: Watch as mob un-enslaves, but stays in the air
Step 5: Watch confused players look for mob
Step 6: ???
Step 7: Profit (via confused player's tears, great for soul shards I heard)
Shameful bump. ._.
I found this one out by accident when messing around with Kraator in Shadowmoon Valley one day. Enslaved him and was making him smash Blood Elves for fun when I mounted and he flew up into the air with me. Ended up flying to Shattrath with him hot in pursuit, let him un-enslave and he stayed there standing in Shattrath for a good few hours before disappearing.

Good fun :D
I have enslaved a demon in hell fire ,and when I walked into the town(friendly town) the guards killed it then me. This did not happen when I repeated the process though.

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