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OK so I completely understand that i am on a pvp server, but How exactly does blizz think?
If i am trying to quest and all i get is ganked its getting to the point where i do not wanna leave org anymore i mean whats the point in playing a game when you just die over and over against alliance the ratio on my server is about 1 horde to 4 alliance And the fact 8-% of quest city's or hubs in Pandaria have no guards that will attack the people trying to kill you i mean really blizz where is your logic??? Here pay us 60 bucks so you can begin your painful journey on getting ganked over and over with the painful 5 levels you have to get blizz really need to do something about this!
I agree. Ganking is part of life BUT when it comes to a couple of level 90's hanging around a lower level area and just one shotting everyone -- what good is that to the game? It can really discourage many players. And now that in cata and pandaria all the quests are follow-ons it means that a player often doesn't have the option to go quest elsewhere.
I love it, it keeps you on your feet at all times. Adds a bit of life to the game imo
Transferred off a PVP server a long time ago.
Was kind of thinking of moving back, but like the care bear life too much.
PVP when I want to, with the class I want to PVP with.
I joined a neutral serer so I could quest when I want to and pvp at mostly bg's . for some reason I'm being ganked while questing and my pvp flag is disabled. I know they can find little tricks to lewer you into fighting by clifking on them some how . but i am not clicking on them . just minding my own business. and I get ganked all sudden for seemingly no reason. has something changed about this rule . what the heck is going on . is very frustrating.
Hmm the tables have turned. I remember your guild was the one ganking lowbies in Hellfire when i was playing alliance there.
I agree. Gank me once, that's fine. Corpse camping me with my 1 in quest greens v. your 3+ pvp geared toons or my lowbie v. your 90 is just stupid. I tend to hearth home (when I get the opportunity) and tab out for a while in that situation. Thankfully the majority of people on my main pvp server aren't 12 and getting stuck in the ganking loop is fairly rare but it's still annoying when it happens.

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