did i do something wrong? balance druid

what is your rotation on moonkin dps because it takes a while for me to kill a mob...yes it was painful leveling this alt to 90 because mobs are taking forever to die because i think moonkin dps is really low
1. Be in eclipse.
2. Pull everything around you.
3. Rejuv.
4. Hurricane.
Repeat 3-4 til things are all dead.
I think a lot of it boils down to stats. Right now our natural crit rate is absolutely terrible. They really need to give us an extra 5-10% crit somehow.

That said my survival guide to doing dailies is to go incarnation and natures vigil, and every 3m hit them both + celestial. Moonfire about 6-10 things then hit starfall and use your starsurge procs to bring down anything with high HP. Your ridiculous dmg for those 30s keeps you healed up and you can easily kill all 10. Then just struggle through w/e kills you still need and repeat as needed.

Honestly what I really wish blizzard would do is make arcane eclipse give us a 35s buff for 10% haste, and nature eclipse give us a 10% buff to crit. Crit is too important for us now, and we're all probably still sitting at under 20% raid buffed.
i feel that balance dps is really weak right now. i'm leveling my priest and i can tell that it is easier since i can kill mobs faster.
Looking at your profile, I see you are wearing cloth gloves? I'm not sure if the limitation still exists in MoP...but wearing cloth used to take 5% of you int away.
You didn't do anything wrong. It's the imbalance of gear stats from high end cata gear to low end MoP gear. My main Moonkin stats are all garbage right now aswell...but I'm not even fully blue geared in my boomkin set. Give it time we'll be back ontop again.
Yeah, mass pull. And stack crit.

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