Shadow Priest PVE

I know there's likely a million of these threads I'm just to lazy to look....

Anyone else having issues pulling decent DPS? I thought it was just a gear issue myself but after a few heroics I'm starting to wonder if its gear or just blizz's lack of attention to shadow priests.

Even in one of the dungeons I was in I apologized for my DPS as I was barely above the tank numbers wise. I had said it was only my second heroic (which it was) and the tank commented.

"It's ok your a shadow priest, I understand."

S-priest has always been my favorite DPS class, I'd hate to see this change. Anyone have tips? I've been using but wondering if anyone else has a site they use?
H2P is the place to be. Haven't really noticed DPS issues for anyone.
My Mind Sear used to tick for 11-12k a pop. I noticed today in heroics it ticks for 4-5k

Was this some kind of nerf?

Admittedly I usually heal but my DPS has taken a large dip downward in the past couple of days.
Use ur last tier talents wisely.
Pulling 100-200k on trash, 60-100k on bosses.
Armory : trytofail - shadowmoon
Assuming your rotation is correct
You need to reforge for more haste
Tanks DPS is always high in dungeons because of the vengance they get
Shadow Priests are great atm
Decent single target.
Good cleave.
Bad aoe.
AoE is fine aslong as you tab dot. Stay at max distance for Halo and dot everything. Not the best, but it is half decent
I'm doing quite nicely.
Only class I struggle to compete with is a warrior or a DK when there's a boss and adds. My mind sear is worthless and the adds don't have enough health for dots.

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