Rolling Restarts-15 Mins?

Customer Support
It has been almost 45 mins since the rolling restarts began. Of which the down time was anticipated at 15 mins. Can you let us log in now Blizzard? Please?
Seriously.. an hour has almost past.
yea it really sux always on my damn day off too
seriously....they make enough money to work night the server maintenance and restarts at optimal times when people are asleep.....NOT the middle of the day, esp a weekend....
Not being able to play has gotten me so worked up that I have started partaking in early carousing...
an explanation would be nice just let us know what the hell is going on
an hour and 15 minutes later.....
Did you get in Ulran? I still can't get in...
Ah! A status message replaced the rolling restart message. At least we know they know there is a problem.
Yeah, peek hours on a weekend do not make a good patch/reboot/memory fix...etc time
This is taking too long, next time when you say only 15 mins. be consistent Blizz !!

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