Unable to log in after rolling restart...

Wyrmrest Accord
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After a rolling restart I am unable to log in. It appears that this was an issue on September 27th, as I see a lot of posts regarding this topic on -that- day, however I am wondering if anyone has the same problem -today-? I also can't seem to find the solution for the issue. Just a lot of complaints... any suggestions?
Yep, same issue here.
Same! D:
Yeah, getting the same thing here, too. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
The only solution is to wait for them to fix it.
Orgrimmar looks like 4AM. :)
Known issue status, blue post.

We are aware of the issues with the login servers that some players are experiencing. We're currently investigating a resolution and will keep you informed.

Well hell.
This makes me a sad...well..you know what i was going to say.
Need to finish leveling!
The authenticator servers are offline as a result of the rolling restarts. Update expected within the hour.
even before the restarts it usually takes about a minute or two for me to connect idk what it is
Apparently they are trying to apprehend a hacker thats one shotting folks in Org/SW on multiple Realms. Hope this gets fixed soon
In the mean time, we should take a moment to enjoy one anothers company.
Indeed. Perhaps we should discuss the virtues/drawbacks of coffee in the afternoon.

10/07/2012 11:42 AMPosted by Seiku
In the mean time, we should take a moment to enjoy one anothers company.

But football and Futbol is on....
Thats just sick. Actually speaking to some one face to face... That's not acceptable.
Well...guess I should finally get around to that angry looking pile of laundry. -.O

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