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Dear Blizzard,

Why do you choose to perform servers restart on a sunday in the middle of the afternoon ? I pay 15 bucks everymonth to play this game. I can't play during the week so I expect to be able to play during the weekends. Why do you choose to put the servers down the days where you have the more players on ? Most of all, why can't you fix the issue that is crashing the game for 3 hours after every damn !@#$ing restart. This is complete bull%^-*. You have over 9 million people paying you 15 $ every month to play a game and you can't even manage to make it work. Where is the point of making a realm restart if all it does is crash the !@#$ing game ?! All this makes me so mad. When I pay for a game, I expect to be able to play it.
Fix Your game !
Dear Xilorio,

Whiners like you always say, " I pay 15 bucks everymonth to play this game."

How about instead, you be a real man and stop paying "everymonth" and I bet Blizzard will really care then.

Yes it is frustrating when I cannot play also, but I'm not going to quit the game or even threaten it because that is all it would be, a threat. There are a lot of things out of the control of Blizzard and for all we know, this could very well be one.

Just sit back and troll like the rest of us and stop with the same old bullsh!t statement of "I pay 15 bucks everymonth to play this game." Because we all do too and Blizzard wants us to continue to pay that $15 and that is why I'm sure they are trying to fix the game as fast as possible.

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