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Area 52
Im a guardian druid looking to transfer to Area 52. Im just wondering if there is a ridiculous queue time to get onto the server. All the times ive logged on I have not experienced a queue, but its never really been prime time. Any feedback would be nice, Thanks.
I typically play daytime hours (anywhere from 7am-5pm) and during those times I don't think I've ever had a queue (even right after launch). I do run into a 30ish minute queue during peak raid times (7pm server is a common start time), especially during Tue/Wed/Thurs (prime raid days). I've hit queues on other days but I can typically go make a sandwich or watch a short TV show on Hulu/Netflix and be logged in by the time it's done.

Edit: Also, according to others who were on this server during Cata launch it was the same way for ~ a month after launch, and then the queues went away. I was on Elune at the time so can't speak from experience, but I assume it'll be the same, if not faster before they go away.
Area 52 is a high pop server, so it can be prone to queues. Prime time is still a bit annoying, but it's to be expected.
Thanks for the feedback
For example there is a 36 min wait right now....
And by 36 minutes you mean...there's really no telling but it's definitely longer than 36 minutes right? I wait an average of 45 minutes to an hour every night. The server is great but just know that going into this decision.
how are fri/sat/sunday nights after 8 server?
There is usually a queue time between 8-10 pm on this server.

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