Word of Glory Not Appearing In Spellbook

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I've come across a weird problem. I'm spec'd as Protection, and when I look up Word of Glory in my spellbook, it's as if it doesn't exist. It's nowhere to be found in the Protection spellbook. My off-spec is Retribution, and looking at this inactive spellbook, I can see it fine.

When I switch specs to Retribution, however, it disappears out of the Retribution spellbook, but I can see it in the inactive Protection spellbook.

I've tried disabling add-ons, resetting UI (deleting Cache, WTF, and Interface folders), and running the repair tool. I'm iffy about a full reinstall because it would take quite a while to re-download the entire game.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
Did you spec into eternal flame? ...
Looking on armory, you did spec into Eternal Flame in your protection spec, which replaces Word of Glory.

At least it's not a reinstall worthy problem! :)
Thanks, all! That helps a ton!

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