Alliance shaman races suck!

ugly and sucky! wish i could make a nightelf or gnome shaman! :(
Dwarves can be shaman, so you are clearly incorrect. I accept your apology.
Dwarves are cute, but they make much sexier paladins and warriors
Panda can be shamans too and they have very absurd cast animation and after cast animation. Like they are wildly flailing their hands.
10/07/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Minibattery
Like they are wildly flailing their hands.

It's all worth it. While casting or channeling, my Pandaren's mouth actually moves, chanting incantations for the spells. I love it.
10/07/2012 05:01 PMPosted by Virison
gnome shaman

listen to this person Blizz, I've always thought Gnome Shamans would make more sense than Priests
Well dwarves can be shamans too now. Though I personally I think only Draenei should ever have been allowed to be shamans :P
Look at my armory and say that.

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