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iLv470 Prot Paladin LF progression guild
Due to a schedule change with work, I am forced to look for a guild that either raids early or late mornings. My ideal times to raid would either be from 12 midnight up until 12 noon as I will be working the second shift. I would like to remain raiding within 3 days a week, any days can work for me right now, though I prefer to stay away from all weekend raids. Saturday OR Sunday may be acceptable, but not both. 10 or 25man setting, Horde or Alliance

What will be expected of me:
~Progression minded individual.
~Impeccable knowledge of my class, as a protection paladin.
~Dedication and motivation to be the best.
~Always ahead of the curve as far as strategies for current and upcoming content.
~Always prepared, min/max from gems to enchants, potions and flasks to any food I'll need.
~Great attention to details, raid awareness.
~99.9% raid attendance, I play alot while I am not at work.

What I am expecting within a guild:
~Progression minded guild and its leadership
~active guild website/forums/community/roster
~Leadership not afraid to remove repetitve, bad people from the raid/guild.
~Push for progression, even if takes 600 attempts on an un-killable boss.
~Competitive raiding/roster. I work for my place.

My current guild seems a little too casual for my tastes.
Before my current home, I raided 25man alliance on server Stormscale in the top 25man guild of the server. I left once I got wind of a schedule change at work as I could not maintain their raiding schedule.

If you have any other questions, we can talk. Leave your info here and I will contact you.

Wang-Chung! Yeah, what ever. lol

Please reply "Wang-Chung" in your reply, so I know that you have read this.
Hey there mate, Burn Phase is an australian weekend 25m guild, we raid 12:00am - 3.30am EST Saturdays & Sundays (you'd stay up fri/sat nights, not sure how well that would work for you). We were 8/8H in DS25 however we moved down from 4 days a week to 2 days a week and moved from 10s to 25s in july as the guild wanted a lower commitment raid schedule and a bigger raid size, as a 10 we completed 5/5H ToC, 12/12H ICC (11/12H in 25), 11/13H T11 (10) & 7/7H T12 (10) with 8/8H in DS (10 & 25). We are a guild with a proven track record and a long raid history & we're aimed at players who do not have the time to raid 4+ nights a week or players who do not want to raid 4+ nights a week.

We're after a fulltime tank so i can return to DPS, our guild forums are somewhat active and theres usually discussion in vent/mumble most days. We've always pushed to progress on bosses, regardless of how hard they seem we still attempt to kill them. Our roster is quite competitive but unfortunately the reason we're looking for another tank so late is because one of ours recently landed a job (good for him) but cannot keep up with raid times any longer. I'd like to chat with you, and ill answer any questions you have about my leadership (im the GM). If you're interested you can add my real-id (the-dark-alliance@hotmail.com or Alemenara#1239) or you can apply on our website Burn-Phase.com

Good morn! Off to work.
Working dem work!

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