Justice Point Gear Worn, Not Towards iLvl

Hey, probably a noob question but I purchased two pieces of JP gear from TS vendor, equipped them and went along my merry way. It wasn't until my guildy reminded me that we need 460 iLvl for Raid Finder that I went to check, and noticed that my iLvl was down from 430/454 before I bought the pieces to 393/454. Obviously those pieces aren't counting.

I looked further, and I need to be honored with the August Celestials to wear the 450 pieces, but... they're on my toon right now. Just not counting towards the iLvl. I opened a ticket to sell back the pieces and just go dungeoning (which is what I'm doing right now anyways, to replace), but I would like to get the JP that I spent without knowing that they wouldn't count.

Any one running into that problem? Any chance I can just erase the transactions and move on?

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