No one will ever complete Buy a Fish a Drink?

The final phase of this quest arc for Jogu the Drunk requires 20 Mad Brewer's Breakfast, which each require 1 Black Pepper (costing 1 Ironpaw Token) and 50 Pink Turnip. That's a total of 20 Ironpaw cooking tokens and 1000 Pink Turnips for a quest that rewards 20g and 6k rep for an NPC that only offers the quest once you are almost to exalted anyway.

This quest needs to be rethought. I can't see anyone ever wasting the 1000 turnips, much less 20 TOKENS just for 20g since they'd already have reached exalted by the time they collected the mats for it anyway.
I thought that one use of the recipe builds 5 of the breakfasts. Maybe I remember incorrectly.
10/08/2012 04:19 AMPosted by Nimhfree
I thought that one use of the recipe builds 5 of the breakfasts. Maybe I remember incorrectly.

I honestly don't know but that's still 4 tokens. Not worth it by a long shot, esp. since you're already almost exalted when you get the quest.
I did it
It's an absurd quest, and I agree with you TC
I done it too, took a few days to grow all the cabbages & turnips for this quest & the feasts to lvl up the brewing way in order to learn the recipe for it.
I have to concur with the OP. This quest is probably the least rewarding quest I have ever seen in the game when compared to time required and materials needed. There is absolutely no reason to do this quest as the cooking dailies combined with gifts earn Jogu's rep at a much faster rate.
Except if you want to try to complete as many quests as possible. :-)
Cant leave my bro hanging man, he's prolly tryin to work through that hangover
I cannot seem to access the recipe. I am 600 with Way of the Brew, Exalted with everyone in Half Hill, but the recipe isn't there. I had to cook them all up on my Rogue to send to my Hunter, just to complete the quest. Any suggestions?
The problem is that you have to level Brewing up to 600 to get the recipe to make the 20 (4 x 5) and by that time you don't need the rep from him and all you get is 19g 50s.

It is one of the stupidist quests you get because there is no real reward for all your hard work in growing and cooking.

Why not give a reward of 10 Ironpaw tokens or something?
Glad to know I'm not the only person who found this quest too unrewarding to even think about doing. "Just to do it" is a pretty lousy reason, and this one is even less rewarding than the old Scholomance Key Quest that required just forking over 15g (back then a fair amount of money) for no obvious reason.

Given that the name of the quest is "Buy a Fish a Brewery?" it seems like it would be smarter to have this quest involve the Stormstout Brewery in some way. Maybe send the player on a quest to loot a "Deed to Stormstout Brewery" from the last boss, or something.

As-is, it's a quest I doubt I'll ever do.
I did it and like the rest of you I've got a viscious hangover of regret. Its expensive in time and mats. Jogu goes exalted anyway and once he does, do you know what he gives you? Zip, Nada.
All the other Tillers give you something for your farm. Jogu just gives you the opportunity to have him move into your pond. He truly is the town drunk and I'm laughing out loud just writing this.
once he does, do you know what he gives you? Zip, Nada.

Not entirely true. Once exalted he will tell you what crops will have bonuses the next day without charging a fee—25g a day. One could argue that Jogu is the Tiller with the most "valuable" reward because you can actually put a price on it, unlike, say, having Pigs at your farm.

But nevertheless, getting him to Exalted is easy enough without doing this massively wasteful quest.
Already max rep with all tillers, and the main rep as well and that yellow ! still haunts me over ol Jogu. Im saving up MBB from Nomi since i finished her too and i might do the quest on my next 90 for the rep, but jeez id probably make more from selling them on the AH.
I did the quest and regret it. I vampired stuff from my lower level guys to get it. What a waste.
I find it annoying seeing his "!" on the map and trying to ignore it every time
im gonna do it but i do every stupid quest
I'll eventually do it. Just not a priority.

As for will "no one" do it ... people do all sorts of things that have little or no rewards:

- Loremaster. To do this, you will be doing TONS of low level quests that give pitifully small rewards.
- Insane in the Membrane. Title sums it up.
- Fishing Derby.
- Pre-transmog running old raids.
- Killing Rares (wow, thanks for that BoP cloth belt!)
All of those things you mentioned have rewards greater than Buy a Fish a Brewery.

Loremaster and Insane in the Membrane give Titles, which mean a lot to some people. "the Insane" is a label you can wear proudly, similar to the Transmog Armor set from Challenge Mode dungeons.

And doing Loremaster, as the name suggests, additionally gives you a chance to see all of the Lore in the game, rather than doing just one quest to spend several hundred gold of materials to get 20g back from a Jinyu.

Killing Rares gives several Achievements, and while they often drop the useless BoP gear, they also drop BoE epics, and unique toys, such as Ai-Li's Skymirror. Scritch also drops what is arguably one of the most useful items in the game, then Hozen Peace Pipe.

Winning the Fishing Derby awards an heirloom, and I shouldn't have to explain why that's valuable.

Running old raids pre-transmog—okay I'll give you that, but the game designers didn't especially intend for that to be a common thing for people to do—whereas my expectation is that a current quest in the newest expansion should be designed so that people want to actually do it.

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