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I'm considering race changing this guy to a Panderan but before I do, I 've been wondering whether instead I'd be better off just leveling a new one, rather than risk missing any cool stuff that's only obtainable during their starting area, such as the Top Hat for Worgen, Kajamite Cola for Goblins and so on. Anyone know of anything worth mentioning?
I would just do it for the awesome story :)
10/08/2012 06:34 AMPosted by Fnor
The Lore alone and getting the "feel" of the area is well worth rolling from scratch. I really enjoyed it but that's jus my personal feelings on the matter.

Agreed, I made a pandaran in beta just so I could do the story..and I was impressed. Now rolling my pandaran monk is even better because of some things that were "placeholders" in beta are now actually finished (cutscenes and stuff like that). Roll from scratch, its worth it.
10/08/2012 06:26 AMPosted by Economic
Anyone know of anything worth mentioning?

The story!
even if you dont care about the story, walking around the island is very nice. its a huge place and tons of stuff to explore. unlike the worgen, they fill the whole zone with stuff to look at.
Heh, very much so, however I've already been through the starter zone once in very late beta to see the alliance side ending, and once on live with a horde. While I could always run through it a third time, unless there's some Panda-starter only items, I'd rather race change and keep the professions this guy has.
I don't even think there was any green quest rewards, so there isn't anything armour-wise at least worth keeping.
There aren't any unique items, so if you've already seen the (rather amazing) story, then I'd say just race change.
The only real Panda only items are the cool quest rewards, so unless you plan on RPing I'd advise you to make your decision based on that.

Plus, it's a great story. Bloody frikkin' long though.
Do ti from the beginning on a new toon; the start zone is amazing and you'll appreciate your toon more by staying true to the story line.
There are no top hats like with the worgen.

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