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How does one find out where a raid is located? I was raiding last night and it occurred to me that if I had not been told where a raid was I wouldn't have a clue where to go.

I've looked it up on google and I haven't found anything on this subject so I'm assuming there isn't one or I'm just a total noob.
I find it pretty amusing that when a group comes forth to do MC, half the people don't know how to get there
I just stumble across them while leveling. Or try and guess where it's located by using the raids name.
Just google "wow entrance to <x>"...

Or use wowpedia.
Wowhead. You can find all the raid entrances there. And sometimes, its labeled on the map.
I could list them all......
It really should be info that is included in the in-game dungeon/raid journal. Contrary to some of the above posts, Google searches, Wowpedia and Wowhead do not always tell you exactly where theentrance is. It may tell you what zone it is in and occasionally, if you read some of the comments, someone might mention what the X, Y coord. are, but most the times, you are left hunting and searching around the whole zone.

It would be nice if the random queue dropped you right outside the entrance to the dungeon so you can at least pull up a map of the zone.
You come across the entrances to nearly every dungeon/raid while questing.

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