UI recommendations for resto shammy

Hey guys. I started playing a shaman after taking a long break from wow and have found that I really enjoy healing as I've been leveling up. I've been trying to find a good UI/addons that I can use but there seems to be a million different options and frankly, I'm a bit confused.

Is there any particular UI/addon that's better than the rest? Are there any that are 100% necessary?

Thanks for the help :)
Assuming you don't run heroic raides or arena/rbg above 2200, you could for resto use Healbot or Vuhdo addons for healing (you configure different clicks for different actions).
For example if you left click on tank frame bar you cast healing wave on him, if you alt+click you dispel him, if you ctrl+left click on your frame bar you cast greater healing wave on yourself and so on. This way you can have the boss targeted whole time and see it casting thing you whould be aware.
Then in your action bar you just need to but totems, shocks, bloodlust and so on. I recommend you to try Healbot first because it is easier to configurate than vuhdo.

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