Ink Trader Exchange Change

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Thank you for the updates, Neth. Even if the answer is "there is no answer yet", we appreciate you letting us know you're still there hounding the Man for us.
Blizzard are you purposely holding off on the ink conversion until the darkmoon faire is over? You can come out and say so if this is your plan, it isn't like we have a choice in the matter. But the announcement of an ETA on the fix or the postponement of the fix until the next major patch is in order. It's been 30 hours now.........
Once again for people who don't read all the threads. The Ink Trader was never changed before launch. It was just the graphic. It showed Ink of Dreams but you could still trade Blackfollows for lesser inks
Calling for someone to be fired because you can't get your digital ink is going a little too far. I'm pissed the trader isn't here, but there is no need for heads to roll. Relax.
10/10/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Nethaera
As I stated in another thread, what may seem simple may often be more complex than you might think. The game is very complex in nature with a lot of moving parts. A "simple" change can cause a chain reaction that has unintended (and often bad) results. We'd rather implement something as close to perfect (if not perfect) as we can than cause more unforeseen issues.

This was done for the WotLK to Cata update for the ink vendors. Its not exactly new territory. If it comes down to it, just add a vendor on a temporarily basis for ink of dreams to starlight ink conversion.

deleting my angry post.

change the ink trader you bastards.

If this is a non-angry post, I need to see the angry one :P
update the ink trader noobs
10/10/2012 09:23 AMPosted by Knobblin
Here's the thing. Card prices still won't see a drastic drop in price because you are still bottlenecked by how many Scrolls of Widsom you have. Since those are a crafting mat for the cards, ink prices will have a significant drop and cards will drop some as well. However, the drop in card price won't be severe due to the crafting mechanic.

If anything, herb prices or at least ink of dreams prices will go up. This change will be good if you pick your own herbs or sell inks on the AH.
10/09/2012 08:38 PMPosted by Nethaera
Unfortunately, when attempting to apply the hotfix, we ran into additional issues in testing. We don't have an ETA on when this will be able to be applied as of yet, but will be continuing to work on it. It's not a cut and dry fix unfortunately. Again, we appreciate everyone's patience while we work this out.

Perhaps it would be better to just add a new ink trader who handles Starlight Ink and leave a Blackfallow Ink trader in play?

This would leave older zones of cata (odd to say that) viable farm land for all their other ink needs.
I'm 3 cards away from my deck, but only people buying my spare cards or card trades can help me out with that as I use my Scroll of Wisdom as soon as I can make them. However, I do have 2 guild bank tabs full of Ink of Dreams I would love to convert to make glyphs. =D

Good luck on your fix, Blizzard.
Thanks for the updates. two questions:

1) is the first entry in this thread the best place to monitor to find the latest information?

2) I just wanted to confirm that the original plan was that this will be a change to the current ink trader? I.e., I don't want to find out that there was a new npc in some closet in the Vale that I did not know about. I can just visit my regular dealer and if he is unchanged then the system has not changed?
maybe you should just come out and say your to lazy to fix until the fair is over ppl will be less pissed off about it
Just checking back in to say your doing a great job over there Devs and Nethaera well done on keeping people posted which hasn't always been a strong point of community managers.
Keeping the customer engaged is the 101 of complaint services.

I'm happy to see the Ink Trader when ever your ready and implore you to make sure things are tip top before releasing it.
Even should that be after the next Darkmoon Faire.

Keep up the good work,

Toodle Pip
10/09/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Rei
It's disappointing that this issue is still not being addressed with at least an updated time that we can expect to be able to use our surplus ink.

Just make shoulder enchants and sell them to vendors.... If your like me, you probably have 3k or more dreams... I simply ran out of room. At 18g a pop its not a terrible trade off.
10/10/2012 01:54 AMPosted by Rworange
And please explain why this staff requires TWENTY daily tokens!? It's going to be useless in a matter of days anyway.
The epic scribe staffs are BoA.

Just sayain
i bet the ink traders will change over the day after Darkmoon ends /sigh
would it be possible to maybe extend the Dark Moon Fair if you do not have the ink trader up by the time the DMF ends?
And please explain why this staff requires TWENTY daily tokens!? It's going to be useless in a matter of days anyway.
The epic scribe staffs are BoA.

Just sayain

Which is completely rediculous. If they were gonna do this they shouldve made so that 1 staff is reactionary to your alt's class and spec. Making it so you have to make 1 staff for your feral druid and monk, 1 staff for your castors and 1 staff for you healers completely unneccesary. It sucks that its the same way heirlooms work in that you need to purchase every combination if youre gonna lvl multiple toons.

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