Ink Trader Exchange Change

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Ink trader still taking blackfallow. I really need to trade for Starlight. Was thinking it would be tradeable this morning....
Hotfix this in :( was so sad when it was not there this morning hopefully before the darkmoon ends.
Yo what's going on with the ink trader!? How about some blues up in here?
Beginning after maintenance to me means just that, not after a hotfix or after daily reset. I'll just say that I'm hopeful that the rollover to current tier ink trading is incoming via hotfix. If it isn't, and is instead delayed by another x days/weeks, I will be beyond irritated. Let me elaborate:

Let alone the fact that scribes are the only profession to have to deal with previous expansion materials two weeks into new content, after herb prices are stabilized, it is irritating that a core material of the profession is for many currently prohibitively difficult to obtain (i.e. starlight ink). I for one cannot bring myself to mill mass quantities of herbs and literally drown in ink of dreams for which I have little use to obtain the rare starlight ink, of which I need many. The darkmoon faire is halfway done, and if the ink traders are not rolled over it will be another month until decks are again available.

As for the posts above complaining about the rollover to new inks, I ask how this can affect you in any way. We were warned a month ago that the change was coming, and were warned again yesterday. Anyone who has not heeded these warnings and traded blackfallow for whatever inks they need might just have to make fortune cards. Those of you slow to transition to using MoP materials already have it better than any other profession, who are stuck with maelstrom crystals, truegold, embersilk cloth, etc etc, none of which can be used for MoP crafting. And if the vocal uninformed minority is the reason for further delay of the ink trader rollover, all I can say is ... wow.

Please, blue, push this rollover through and allow inscription to enter MoP.

A failed promise by blizzard? lolsuprise!!!
OK, it didn't happen in maintenance as you said, any idea WHEN this will actually be fixed?
An update on this would be great -- as others' have stated, the ink trader is still only taking blackfallow inks, and most of us are drowning in inks of dreams. Thanks!
10/08/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Palaurus

not sure if your joking or not but they said long time ago that it would be changed a week or two after release of mop

I'm not into Inscription, so I was not aware of this. My bad.

I am not into inscription either....but I knew this :p.
Like a dumbass, I bought a crapload of cheap ink of dreams on the AH last night expecting this hotfix to come through today after maintenance.

Not looking for sympathy, just an update when this will actually happen??
Well, I just dropped 600 Alchemy to pick up another scribe, but when I came to the vendor to start powerlevelling, I noticed the change didn't happen.

i literally have..... my entire toon filled with ink to trade in... so i cant really do anything until this gets fixed....
Have SOOO many ink of dreams I need to trade. I think myself, like most people in this thread would just like to know what the actual time table is for when the vendor will be accepting ink of dreams.

We were told 1-2 weeks, then we get the blue post stating it will happen after maintenance today, then we see another post about some "super sekrit" hotfix.

So which is it blizzard?
Whats the deal with the ink trader? is there a specific ink trader in pandaria that we need to consult?
This is disappointing. I hope this was simply missed and they will hotfix or pull the realms offline in rolling restarts to get the inks trading working.
Impatiently waiting for that ink trader.
wow another lie and unkept promise!
10/09/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Poena
A failed promise by blizzard? lolsuprise!!!

agreed kinda annoying waiting for something to get "hotfixed" its already bad enough that scribe got the short end of the profession stick here only being able to make 1 scroll a day witch means 1 card a day already makes people sour but now to not update the ink traders come on blizz stop maken empty promises
Is there some sort of ETA on this please, kind of an issue for all of the reasons previously stated by my fellow scribes.
Hopefully this will get hotfixed quickly. Blizz has had a habit of making mistakes with Inscription. 5.0.4 displayed IoD but took BFI. Why would the trader still have BFI 2 weeks into the xpac? He should have been converted on day 1, who cares if people still had lots of blackfallow?

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