Ink Trader Exchange Change

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is it me or did they not change the ink trading..
It would have been so much easier if they had changed the trader at 5.0.4 but made BFI tradable for IoD at 10:1 until MoP, then drop BFI entirely. Instead....they pull a Blizzard.

/bump for a Blue post please
This is really getting annoying, blue post for LFR please blue post this blizz
Same question here... black ink still there, so, no change at all?

New vendor maybe? Please, tell us what is going on.
LFR is up and running but no ink trader...blizzard slacking again?
would be happy with an update at least pls.
yea a new blue post update would be nice.
An update would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Deleted. Wrong thread.
Wakey wakey Blues, lets get an update here, please and thank you!
It's disappointing that this issue is still not being addressed with at least an updated time that we can expect to be able to use our surplus ink.
Could it be that the blue post for the ink trader on Oct 9th was the most brilliant troll ever?
Just as an fyi, I'm looking to get an answer for everyone. I'll let you know when I find out something more to share.
I guess you can say blue posts count as just penciling it in not quite inking it
I'm hoping they get the ink vendor fixed soon, but even if they don't we're still going to be buying mop herbs before the vendor in order to get starlight ink, and we'll buy mop herbs after the vendor to get ink of dreams. It's not really as if we are wasting money buying mop herbs. The only difference, and I haven't actually calculated it yet, is whether it's more profitable to buy the cheapest mop herb with 25% chance to get pigment for starlight ink or buying fool's cap that has 50% chance. Once the vendor has changed more factors wll come into play like how much extra ink of dreams I can get from the cheapest herb and how it compares with the inks I'll get from fool's cap.

All that being said, even though it's annoying that the ink trader isn't updated yet, I for one am extremely impressed and excited that they actually buffed the Ox trinket. I wasn't sure they'd do it but heck ya that means a lot more profit for darkmoon card makers/sellers.
10/09/2012 10:29 AMPosted by Nethaera
Just as an fyi, I'm looking to get an answer for everyone. I'll let you know when I find out something more to share.

I, and I'm sure others, appreciate it Neth. I look forward to an update.
+1! Thank you :)
thank you =)

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