Why is JC garbage?

Its the worst crafting profession for stat gain due to only TWO gems AND no trinket...which disappeared after WOTLK. On top of that, the amount of gold made from the profession is complete garbage.
by that logic leatherworking is half as good since it only can enchant their bracers once and also has no trinket, costs more and makes even less!
epic leg enchants not good gold?
#1: Extremely idiotic complaint
#2: Super exaggerated comparison
#3: Ultimate contradiction by #1 poster

JC has been an incredibly good earner for the last 6 years.

The only reason its not right now is because after countless qq posts from JC's about gating by dailys it got replaced and as predicted without gating by dailies the profits went away.

As a scribe, I get +320 int,+320 agi, 320 strength or 320 stam just like JC;s and oh guess what If I want a pvp shoulder enchant guess what I lose my profession bonus. Oh I can make a trinket and an offhand and a staff. But guess what they are all boe, go buy them off the AH.

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