Feral spirit, no longer has a command bar?

just wondering can we control them anymore or do they just run around and do what they want?
does anyone know?
They no longer have a bar and special abilities.

But i noted that if you switch targets and press the old "control + 1" they also switch to it.

Or i'm crazy and they do it automatically.
10/09/2012 12:09 AMPosted by Fastwind
Or i'm crazy and they do it automatically.

They do it automatically. They will /assist you after a few seconds if you change targets.
Holy achievements Furystrikez!
Stun is gone too as far as I know. Nice to see Devs on top of things, shaman needed this stupid bar removed for a long time, I'm finally able to play my shaman again without being confused by a second action bar.

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