WTB BS Package 1-500(525)

Looking to buy a BS package from 1-500 or 525.

133 x [Rough Stone]
210 x [Copper Bar]
80 x [Coarse Stone]
7 x [Silver Bar]
150 x [Bronze Bar] - 75 Copper Bar + 75 Tin Bar
105 x [Heavy Stone]
230 x [Iron Bar]
50 x [Steel Bar] - 50 Iron Bar + 50 Coal. You can buy [Coal] at Blacksmithing Supply vendors
20 x [Solid Stone]
150 x [Mageweave Cloth]
320 x [Mithril Bar]
20 x [Dense Stone]
420 x [Thorium Bar]
80 x [Rugged Leather] or 10 [Star Ruby]
152 x [Fel Iron Bar]
10 x [Netherweave Cloth]
85 x [Adamantite Bar]
320 x [Cobalt Bar]
240 x [Saronite Bar]
10 x [Titanium Bar]
166 x [Obsidium Bar]
84 x [Elementium Bar]
60 x [Volatile Earth]
4 x [Volatile Water]
8 x [Volatile Fire]

These are the mats I am looking for. If you do not have all I will be happy to pay for some of them as well. You can send me in game mail or whisper me any time thankyou.
help our healer please
I've been supplying iron bar stacks at 300g a stack to compete with ghost iron ore. Yes, people buy iron bars at 300g a stack.

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