Sick of "comedians" like Colbert mocking WoW

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10/09/2012 08:47 AMPosted by False
Colbert is an ignorant moron anyway.

I don't think you seem to understand satire.
Dude, you're totally right. WoW is srsbsns. And yes, musical instruments take no skill whatsoever, but WoW is insanely complex.

Ummm, violin is one of the hardest instruments to play well, and requires a lot more than doing one thing. Obviously you have never ever tried, and do not know about music in general. Wow is much much easier than violin, easier than most musical instruments. Choose a better example or be ready to be mocked.

Also, hobbies like wow tend to be weird, and are open to being mocked. Now taxidermy, thats a weird hobby, right? (no offence to taxidermists, i know its a skillful hobby too!
Get over it, he's a comedian and a sarcastic comedian. He also tells people he wants to start a holy war on bears. It's all a joke and I find him really funny, way funnier than John Stewert. If you don't like it then why watch it?
You realise that when Stephen Colbert makes fun of things, it's often because he respects them right?

Stop taking jokes seriously.

we have to treat everything like fox news does
OP, please post a video of you playing the violin. It takes most people years to become good at it, much less "top level" and that's just assuming you're capable of learning to play a musical instrument to begin with.

It'd probably take you that long just to figure out how to tune the darned thing.
I didn't hear his joke, nor did I read your post. tl;dr by far. Take a joke and move on. Who cares if it's a stereotype?

Stereotype: most hard-core games are over-weight, and un-employed. So if a joke is made about it, so be it.

Edit: OH HOLY CRAP I just read part of your post. Playing at "your level" requires the same abilities as someone who has spent YEARS practicing their instrument? Holy HELL are you screwed in the head. I can say hands-down I'll keep up with anyone in this game, without a challenge, and I'm half asleep when I play most of the time. Could I go join a world symphony Orchestra? !@#$ no. God DAMN is that just plain stupid.
Have to assume your posting character isn't your main since it's built wrong, has no experience, and poor gearing choice. Best in US.
ITT: People get mad at being bad at video games.
WoW is a "nerdy" hobby, nothing will change that. People will always mock that, but why should you really care? Keep gaming if it makes you happy, !@#$ what others think.
I watched Colbert, and he wasn't mocking WoW at all. He was mocking people digging into an elected official's gaming habits. He actually referred to WoW in fairly endearing ways.

Most people don't know it, but Colbert is actually a HUGE nerd. He grew up immersed in fantasy and roleplay as a distraction from his father and siblings being killed in a plane crash. Guy is probably one of the biggest LotR nerds on the planet.
10/09/2012 11:50 AMPosted by Bedstain
And people like Colbert MOCK my triumphs in WoW? When he's walked a mile in my shoes on this game, then maybe he can talk about WoW on his show, until then he needs to keep his opinions to himself.

Apparently the guy spent much of high school playing D&D(, which most would count as having even more geek-cred than playing WoW.
After watching the segment I think he was poking fun at more of the concept that the only "dirty" information they could dig up on that candidate was that she played WoW which is just plain ridiculous.

I'm sure people will vote against her for that reason but then again I'm sure they are a tiny minority anyways.
Stephen Colbert could punch me in the face and give me a wedgie, and I'd still love him.
10/08/2012 10:59 PMPosted by Bedstain
See, that I don't mind as much because at least the people who think we're all psycho killers take us seriously, and make us look kind of edgy.

I'd rather be laughed at than accused of homicidal mania.
I just watched the episode, at what point did he say anything remotely insulting about WoW? Or any nerdy game for that matter.
10/08/2012 10:59 PMPosted by Bedstain
Becoming a master at WoW requires the same dexterity and skill as something like being a virtuoso violinist

Ad hominem incoming.

You're an absolute total ooking moron.

Colbert is right. You take yourself too seriously.
10/08/2012 11:11 PMPosted by Lull
Some studies have shown that playing video games do increase the hand eye coordination. I read about a few hospitals that have systems installed, because warming up with a little gaming makes the hand steadier for surgeries.

Also, when I was in rehab, playing games on the Wii was encouraged.

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