Sick of "comedians" like Colbert mocking WoW

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Colbert is hilarious.
I can't believe you got butthurt over this segment.
You think Steven Colbert is serious?
I thought that was funny, personally. "And I believe them.....BECAUSE STING IS GLOWING!!!!" I lol'd at that part, as well as all the comparisons to other games. Didn't take any offense to it. I actually like watching the Report as well as the Daily Show, they amuse me.
The local radio station "Gamer Girl" took a simular slant. Blasting women and body type of female gamers, what a loser she is. If she was a true "Gamer Girl" she would know how hard the female gameing community worked to clear it's image on all sides and games, not just WOW. Instead she acted like the barbie she is. Just sad.
Colbert is an old school nerd. He really was in to D&D and Fellowship of the Ring. Trust me, he'd be playing WoW if he was a little younger or had more free time. As others point out, he is really mocking the serious and grim judgement directed at the player.

10/08/2012 10:59 PMPosted by Bedstain
If they knew the level that I, and many of the top level players around the world, perform at on this game, they would have a little more respect for it.

Yeah... I don't think that is necessarily the case. We're probably still a ways away from getting "Bedstain" on a Wheeties box. :)
I think OP is just using this to say he's good with his hands.
I just watched it, that was AWESOME!

I have to admit, I also tried to launch an invasion of North Africa from Brazil...
lmao @ everyone taking the OP seriously
I watched it and thought it was quiet hilariousness..

Sadly with the nerfs to rogues I dont think anyone in office will be intimidated by her..
I loved the segment last night. I knew at the time, too, that some players might take offense to his words or the tone in which they were used. But to take offense is, I believe, to miss the point.

I argue he wasn't mocking the WoW community, even while he was poking some fun at it. But remember, it's just a game.

You sir have crossed the line! To say this is just a game is absolute heresy and you should be ashamed. Many gnomes and trolls have given their lives for your freedoms to play this so called game.

not sure if srs... but I'll bite- Colbert wasn't making fun of WoW, he was making fun of the people trying to discredit the candidate because of her video game playing.
It was funny.
Ridiculously obvious troll is ridic.... Wait... How did this obvious troll get so many people?
Op is right.. if Colbert saw him play and saw how skilled he was he would stop making fun of nerds like himself.

Stop down rating his wonderfully crafted tro.. I mean post.
10/08/2012 10:59 PMPosted by Bedstain
See, that I don't mind as much because at least the people who think we're all psycho killers take us seriously, and make us look kind of edgy.

WTF??? You would rather be thought of as a psycho killer than a nerd? You scare me.

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