Fastest way to level Monk?

I created a Monk yesterday and he is now level 33 and I was just wondering what the quickest way to level is? I have him as a mistweaver/windwalker but I never have used windwalker yet because I have no gear for him. I would have tried brewmaster but all my heirlooms on him are for healing.

Basically, what would be the fastest way to level him up to 90? And how long would that take?
I went from 1-85 in under 3 days played just questing with looms as brewmaster spec.. doing the bonus xp class quest whenever they were up.
It doesnt take that long if you dont mess around alot in between quests.
As soon as you're the level of the next zone, stop what youre doing and head there.
Refer a friend is a big help too!
Listen to all the monks in game..."slow down".
You go up in levels pretty fast anyway in the game these days. It was much slower in the original WOW. With your daily bonus from training quest buff it just fly's right by. Some say dungeons some say questing. Do both. You grind out quests, you get bored, do a dungeon or two. Had enough dungs, go back to questing.
Make sure to travel to your Zen Masters and do your daily that gives you the 50% exp buff for 60mins. You can do it daily and at 40,50,60,70 and I am assuming at 80 you get new masters to beat and aswell the daily to do. So this stacks at 50% exp increase for 2 hours.

Just time it when you are about to hit an easy quest hub go out and do your daily and then quest hard for that hour. Avoid running dungeons during that time because it will be a waste of the buff.

This method helps alot when factoring in % from heirloom too. At 75 buy some adventurer journals for the 10% exp increase which stacks as well.
As always, quests. Quests and more quests. That is always the fastest way to level. And you can do dungeons, but do each one once. Why? The quests.

However, the truly fastest way to level is whichever way you can level without pulling your hair out. I like questing, so it is no big deal for me.

Some people loathe it and would never get to 90 if they just quested. So, do what you enjoy, and that is really the fastest way.
RAF and then have nothing else to do. (Not what I did)
I leveled to 85 in about 4 days doing dungeon runs as a healer and leveling by questing in between, and as someone said before, make sure you do your monk-only quests in Kun-Lai. They award a 50% experience gained buff, and you can spread the buff out by doing the quests after the timer is up on the buff. What's great is that the monk quests scale with your level... so if you forget to do them, no big deal.
I would say tank/heal LFD until Northrend, then quest as a WW to Cata, tank/heal to Mists.
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RAF and then have nothing else to do. (Not what I did)

So much crap to do at 90 there is no way I would want to just now be hitting Pandaria :P
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Listen to all the monks in game..."slow down".

Why? Many people have done all the 1-85 content over half a dozen times, and have little appetite to do it again.

Fastest way to level is RAF. Your monk is only 33, so you could still catch up with a new RAF account and save time. You could then push to 80 with the massive RAF XP bonus (and the summons, which can be handy to change continents and such). After that, you'll have to do 80-85 the hard way, although with guild XP bonuses, two heirlooms and the monk Enlightenment buff, that won't take long.

Personally, I prepped up alts to RAF grant levels to my Monk on release day. Therefore, on day 1 I hit 1-80 in a few minutes. I'd also pre-prepped a full set of level 80 gear for him and the two Guild-bought heirlooms. He then did 80-85 on his own, ditched the heirlooms and did 85-90. Did not do ANY of the Enlightenment quests until 86-87, and kept the buff up as much as possible after that. Total time played, 1d17h from 1-90. Though I probably wasted a fair bit of time afk'ing dealing with RL and stuffing about.

Didn't do any instances, no PVP, no farming, no grinding, no tradeskills except first aid (already had the cloth stockpiled). Just quests.

edit: More detail added
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Questing is a waste of the XP buff. On another class questing is great but for a Monk if you're trying to get up as fast as possible you want as many kills with the most xp you can get (IE Elites) within that hour.

You are aware the 50% buff is for kills AND completing quests, rights?
Fastest way is stop spending time trying to save 2-3 hours leveling and just do it.
Quest grind until about 35-40. Run instances as BM or MW with an Orgrimmar tabard until you hit Exalted (for cheaper flight training). Back to quest grinding until 58-59. Dungeon and quest grind through Outlands. Back to quest grinding through Cata. And yep... You guessed it, quest grinding through Pandaria.

At 20 you get Zen Pilgrimage. Use it to get the 50% xp buff for one hour. Make sure you're handing in or running clustered quests while you have it. Make sure you're in a lvl 25 guild and have all the heirlooms including the new legs. Sans Pirate Ring, you're talking about 55% to 105% bonus xp, aside from rested, which helps, but will disappear too fast (even on a panda) to be relevant.

I started on release day in the morning and hit 90 on this past Friday. Something like high 3 days to low 4 days played. No RAF bonus xp, no granted levels. And there were others who got it faster than me.
Been leveling as mistweaver and am 45 right now worth maybe 24 hours of played time. I join as heals and do dungeon runs all night. You can pretty much dps the runs and allow the tank to do massive pulls with how great our heals are. Each run is roughly 15 mins and you def get a lot of xp. If you decide to quest just make sure you don't zone when the buff is in the negative and you'll retain the buff even if the duration is below 0. I prefer the instance grinding. I've leveled enough chars that I don't care for questing.
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You are aware the 50% buff is for kills AND completing quests, rights?

Spot on. Optimal way to refresh the buff is to prep up a whole bunch of non-kill quests first, go grab the buff, turn them all in, and then rush forth and do all your kill quests to get double duty out of the buff.

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