Best race for a monk

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10/30/2012 01:12 AMPosted by Bones
So there are female trolls!!! I have yet to see one in game.

Generally a troll or a tauren female means it's really a female player. LOL. This is why you see so few of them. Guys want to be female pandas or blood elves.

Kill your enemies with flair.

Then eat them, afterward.
Le GNOME! Smack them shins!
PvE Pandaren
PvP Human

PvE Pandaren
PvP Undead

I'd have to disagree with the horde part, for Horde Orc all the way for any type of melee class.

For PvE, you are right on both accounts.

Iziren, I'd just like to say you have one of the best looking characters I've seen in a long time.
The best races for monk are the best races for everything

Night Elf & Blood Elf

<<<Female Orc by far
Must say, it's very odd seeing a Tauren roll. O.o
The one that taught the inferior races how to be like us.
That's easy friend. Be a good sport and roll an Orc.
Become Pandaren, you must. /roar
human for the racial

Every Man For Himself
PvE Tank: Draenie (Racial Heal + Hit), Night elf (miss Chance), Human (Trinket for bad stuns + expertise bonus)
PvE DPS: Dreanei (hit), Human (Expertise), Dwarf (Expertise), Gnome (Expertise)
PvE Heal: Human (Spirit Bonus), Gnome(Max Mana Bonus)

PvP: kinda your own flavor, but usually human for extra trinket spot.

PvE Tank: Tauren (more HP), Orc (Expertise - Lower Stun), Troll (Haste Racial), Blood Elf (Racial)
PvE DPS: Orc (Expertise - Dmg with pets for 90 talent), Troll (Racial), Blood Elf (Racial),
PvE Heal: Blood Elf (Racial)

PvP: Undead (Racial's), Orc (Less Stun + Racial)

Panadarien only perk is really Double Food buff at 90, so extra INT-AGI-Spirit really at 90. Also less fall dmg is nice for PvE & PvP
Need MOAR sexy cow monks!!!!
Alliance: Human

Horde: Orcs/Undead.

Pandarens have terrible racials as far as end game goes, especially for pvp.

Most people go by appearance, if you go for the abilities, don't pick Pandaren.
Just go draenei. Yes, we have crappy racials, but we look good in leather and hooves>toe nails.
10/29/2012 08:43 PMPosted by Redpalm
This topic needs more Troll
Undead. Even though it seems smalls, the leech and damage from Touch of the Grave can be really nice and effective during long raid fights. It may not seem like much damage, but I'm pretty sure it is equal or greater than a jab of mine, and it's extra dps that other classes don't get.
It depends really on preference. Female pandas have a hard time finding a good transmog that doesn't clash with our birthgiving hip physique. I managed to find 2 looks I enjoy, and dem racials are op.
I believe DPS-wise, trolls are the best with Berserking. Because of Tiger Strikes, however, this was 5.0.4 when I heard this, and might be out-dated.

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