Best race for a monk

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Debated between a panda and a human. The KungFu Panda theme was a bit of a turn off. Still, I like the asian cultural theme and nothing else really fits. Why a panda? Why not a tiger?

As far as the food buff goes, it's like anything else in WoW. Next patch the character attributes could change and the food buff could get nerfed. Pick what you enjoy.
With a cc for a racial, panda's are one of the best if your considering pvp. However, I would say Nelf is up there do to the fact that Shadowmeld provides an offensive/devensive application that that can be devistating if used properly. Honestly I have yet to see a tauren monk. Yet their bonus stam +Warstomp make it annother critical race for the monk class.

My two Cents.
PvE Pandaren
PvP Human

PvE Pandaren
PvP Undead

This in terms of racials (however it is arguable that orc would be better for Horde PvP) Honestly, I would pick the race that you like the best. I chose Pandaren because it was new and exciting and I'm now wishing I'd went Undead. Having the same exact face as every other female Pandaren kinda creeps me out. o_o
Just for horde.

Orc you get attack power ,expertise with axe or fist for brew/ww

Undead is a self proc racial which can deal damage or heal which ever your doing during the proc.

Panda you get double stat food as said before.

In the end what do you want to look at for the time youll play the monk
Pandas cause we can out drink dwarfs!!!

Just sayin'...root break on a separate cooldown from your trinket, extra Mana (thus slightly better Mana Tea) for a healer, and bonus engineering. What more could you ask for?

Useful racials? PAH!
imo I just couldn't bring myself to run around as a fat panda for the rest of my days. The female pandas look better but only slightly
We have the extra fat to help keep our muscles strong while we're running around. 8-)
PvE Pandaren
PvP Human

PvE Pandaren
PvP Undead

I agree with this. I am running panda monk up to 90 just for the rested exp. but once i ding 90 i'm swapping over to undead. their racial (Touch of the Grave) passive will proc more on a monk then any other class thanks to (tiger stance). and also the ability to remove any Control effecting CC in arena is so much more helpful then trying to get Quaking palm on someone for 4 Secs (Q.Q) when you have paralyze for 30 and if its that extreme you can always glyph paralyze.
Humans with rep bonus, spirit racial if you're healing, sword/mace expertise if you're melee, and trinket racial if you pvp (having two pvp power trinkets is fantastic).

Although having read through this thread, I have to say belfs are underrated; as far as horde goes I'd say their "kung fu" animation is second only to undead, and in certain situations, the fact that arcane torrent gives you 1 free chi can be HUGE (especially chi starved tanks).

I played through the starting panda area anyway on a horde toon.

How?? I want to play in the panda starter area, the old starter areas are so boring.
Personally i went pandarian and wish i made a human or dreni because of their racials like every man for himself and the healing spell dreni's have and maybe nelf for the harder to hit
Play what you want, theres really no best race. It all comes down to you the player.

Blood Elf is the best lol :O
I was thinking of going with Gnome but being small would get annoying after awhile and gear doesn't look that great on them. I think the best choice for Alliance is human thanks to the racials, and we look pretty decent in gear, also the animations are generally good.

Horde side I'd probably go with either Blood Elf or Undead for aesthetics, simply because belfs look the best in gear and undead just look great all around, and really who doesn't want to be a dead monk? Orc is probably also a solid choice.

Panderen look ridiculous to me, at least the males do. Tauren are laughable as monks but in a good way. I think Goblins would have made good monks so not sure why they aren't in the game, probably because Worgens dont fit and it'd be deemed "unfair" or something.

If I had to go with only two races though it'd be Human and Undead.
Orc baby, orc.... its always orc... unless you're only pvp then human/UD are probably better.

For having racials that work for all parts of the game (unlike panda/human/UD).... ORC

Bloodfury + Life Cocoon? awesomeness

1% expertise on a class that values it highly? awesome

shorter stuns to make dematerialize even more "hahahahaahahaha" oh yea

more xuen damage? excellent

Whats not to like about orc?
I Agree with the Allaince Human, Horde Undead for PVP. Warriors Shockwave CD is increased in 5.2 which is a big issue for us monks currently on live.

Might argue nimble brew but currently been on PTR Demo and Destro locks are quite strong an I rather be Undead for the extra fear break or annoying charm. Thus to avoid getting hit by a chaos bolt or when Lock goes "Kratos Mode" on me while my toon moves about with no control, then a stationary stun that you can break an ring of peace if need be.

If you go on PTR most pvp'ers are Undead Monks or Human for Allaince, with the odd panda an orc.

For duels yeah Panda is good for food buff, but you can't use food in arena :/ And the 3 sec stun DR's with our other abilites.

But like others said pick what you enjoy, it's your dollars.
<----- Need I say more?

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