Holy Shock on CD?

I have a quick question, do you guys use Holy Shock on CD, even if nobody needs a heal?
Someone always needs a heal.

Running between pulls? Yes. I like my HP more than I like having an HS in the first second or two of a pull.
Considering the ease of affording Holy Shock, I tend to use it on CD.

If nobody is taking damage currently, or you're in between pulls, it's safe to assume the next person taking damage is more than likely your tank. I will HS the tank to stack our Mastery proc if nothing else and have a shot at snagging a crit off of it for the haste buff.

10/09/2012 09:33 AMPosted by Melindar
Someone always needs a heal.

I respectfully, completely disagree. Depending on the pull, and the content you're running (5/10/25 mans, etc.) there is almost always a lull in damage. If your tank is rotating CDs and your group is standing out of the fire, there are times when no damage needs be healed. (I have the privilege of guild runs and my DPS and tank do great jobs of rotating their CDs to avoid all unnecessary damage possible, this would obviously vary for less competent grouping.)
Gotta get the holy power man!
I always use Holy Shock off CD unless I have 5 Holy Power AND no one needs healing. The only possible exception would be if I major AoE damage is coming out in less then six seconds and I can use HR to proc a daybreak proc for Holy Shock.

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