Just think about it.

Yeah Warriors, Spriests, Huntards, Mages, and Warlocks are all Op. so we all know this, but blizzard gave us all CC almost every class has a CC and some allot more then one so what you do is get one of those insane OP classes on your arena team... simple as that then if your any good you'll get somewhere is what i am doing ATM. Warriors are over the top though IMO i'd rather fight a frost mage over all the other classes. As i was saying with the CC's we are all viable in one way or another im learning in this expansion that I got burst but get owned by huntards warlock warriors and yes combat Rouges so in most fight's when im up against those teams i am a mere support class aka i help my frost Mage kill those hoes... Plus Blizzard loves us we give them money (Im not saying money gets you love because it doesnt!) and they are running a company this is there work so ether your right and blizz just doesnt give us a two scent consideration or they are doeing something that they don't want us to know because it's awesome! Sorry for my sucky grammar and to all those trolls yes im only at 1506 raiting deal with it because we are all fighting those OP classes....

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