Engineering Schematic Question

So, to any other engineers that may be able to answer this question. My rogue is the said engineer and I have an addon that shows me what patterns that I don't have and what NPC to obtain them.

I already went to the female goblin Sally Fizzlefury out by the hunting expedition in Valley of the four winds, learned the three or so things that I could from her and yet still I haven't a clue where to get the MOP engineering crafted goggles.

Sally doesn't sell them, the goblin with the helmet in the Panda capital city doesn't sell them and the engineer trainers/vendors in Orgrimmar doesn't sell patterns.

So my question to you other engineers is: Where do I get these engineering goggle schematics and other schematics this addon supposedly says is available, where do they drop or what reputation may I need to get them?

Confused Goblin engineering rogue.
The level 90 BoP epic goggles? I learned mine from the Engineering Trainer in Org. Your addon may be showing recipes for mail, cloth, and plate versions, which your rogue can't use, so won't be offered.
It's just odd that I can't seem to find it. Checked all the trainers and the only thing they have left is the Gnomish schematics since I'm goblin. I'll just have to try and check again. *shrug*
Oh wait, nevermind. Apparently I got it trained when I spam bought the other schematics so problem is solved! <3

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