Touch of Chaos with a wand.

Is anyone else having issues with using touch of chaos with a wand? Ive noticed that when using the ability there is sometimes a longer delay in between gcd. But if i unequip the want or use a melee weapon i have no issue spamming it w/o there being a delay. If anyone else could test this and post if you have the same problem/.
It's a well known bug.

We've all reported it.

They haven't fixed.

No ETA or acknowledgement either.

Apparently nerfing guild perks and buffing tank trinkets are far more important than the fact the only raid weapon we can get for a week or two will be a wand we cannot use.
this bugs been around since they made wands a main hand weapon but it still hasn't been fixed
i reported this the other day, no answer and my ticket has been moved to answered.
blizzard needs to fix this so the bis 463 wand is actually usable as demo. cause right now its not.
VERY annoying
i hate this
Actually seems to be an issue with a melee weapon too if you are in melee range. Seems like Touch of Chaos is turning on auto attack / shoot. You start doing melee / wand damage using touch of chaos.

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