<The Hellfire Club> looking for some raiders

Hello, as the tittle of this thread says we are currently looking for raiders to fill in empty slots in our weekend raid team. The times of the raids will be from Sat/Sun from 3pm to 7pm PST. If these raid times sound appealing please head on over to www.hellfireclub.dkpsystem.com and post an app...the times posted on the app are for our other group's raid times, just mention that your interested in the weekend group and that you can make those times and it will be brought to my attention

Preferred classes(though all are welcome to app):
Healing Class

If there any other questions please include them on your app or if you want to contact me directly drop a letter in game and i'll respond to it in a timely manner

a mild edit to the post, more openings have become available so we can now accommodate your raiding times both weekend and weekday's so again post your app at the above website and look forward to raiding with you soon!
This is probably the best group that will ever raid on a Saturday and Sunday. There may even be other opportunities as we have 3 groups the raid and there can be some lateral movement. Join up!
Bump for a good group of qts

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