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Hi I'm starting the game all over again and on a diff realm. im looking for a decent pvp realm on oceanic side.. but not frostmourne because of its population issues. Please list the reasons for the recommended realms including the skill of the players and the level of pvp the realm has. Thanks
I recommend you goto Frostmourne.
Anything but Frostmourne please.
10/10/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Illyrià
I recommend you goto Frostmourne.

I like your style
Khaz is good. Not a PvP server but I can say that alot of people from No Taste Like Gnome love their PvP. We currently have plans to run RBG's in the near future, along with a PvE side to the guild which, yours truly, will be leading.

Medium Pop, Alliance outnumber the horde, but it doesn't make alot of difference.

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