Facerollers (25) 6/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF.

I am not here to post a bunch of gibberish and make empty promises. We are recruiting a range DPS (Boomkin or Warlock) and a Priest, Resto Druid or Restoration Shaman with DPS O/S (geared and gemmed).

Facerollers raids Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 7:30PM-12AM server time.

We are looking for leaders and people that will push progression instead of getting distracted by "shiny's". We expect everyone to be completely focused while raiding and be prepared with food and flasks ready to have some face time with the encounters.

Got logs? Item level of 470+? Raider mentality? Looking for a guild to progress? Study the fight before raids? You "love" the name Facerollers. If all of those answers are yes, no exceptions, please visit http://www.facerollers.org or http://facerollers.guildlaunch.com and submit an application.

Current Progression
6/6 Moga'shun Vaults
1/6 Heart of Fear w/ Blade Lord Tayak @ 9% first night. Looking for core raiders that know their class in and out.


GM of Facerollers
Looking for Warlock/Rogue/Boomkin
Also looking for heals with DPS off spec.

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