Envenom Clipping

I've been having some pretty big issues with Envenom clipping, especially with Shadow Blades up... The problem seems to be that once Slice n Dice is up with a full Rupture ticking and Shadow Blades Running I'm always clipping Envenom, if there happens to be a Blood Lust or Time Warp or something I'm having the same issue...

What I'm wondering is whether it would be worth replacing that Envenom with an Eviscerate instead of clipping the Envenom? I can still get off another Envenom before the buff wears off to keep it rolling...

Any ideas?
Clip if you're going to get energy capped.
Clip before you cap. Is it optimal? Not really but SDs and lust are not the rule but the exception. Outside of these buffs you should closely monitor your envenom buff and try to keep it up. However when you have these going don't concern yourself as much with clipping as the alternative is much worse. Just keep cranking out envenoms and rupture(as needed) and if you have Anticipation(which you should) it would be wise, as SBs or lust is winding down to stock some CP so you can easily get back into your normal rotation. Envenom on it's own is actually a powerful finisher that benefits greatly from mastery so spamming it because you have oodles of CP and energy is not a bad thing so don't feel too bad about having to clip in those situations.
Let me try to explain better, I seem to be having trouble with this lately...

Full duration SnD is up
Full duration Rupture is up
Just Envenomed, hit 2 Mutilates and I'm sitting at 8 CP's "because Shadow Blades is active" and have half the Envenom buff still up...

Now, during this time, which I will admit is rare... Would it be Better to Eviscerate, or Envenom and clip the buff?

I understand the difference is going to be minimal, I just don't like wasting recources...
I think some people are misunderstanding why clipping envenom is generally considered bad, and because of that they're not realizing that it's not always a straight dps loss. The concept of not clipping envenom is that because you can't typically maintain 100% uptime of the buff for the entire fight, you want to maximize the uptime as best you could so long as you don't give up other damage opportunities in exchange (ie it doesn't cost you extra energy, or ability uses due to capping or cp overflow).

But this only applies if clipping is going to affect the uptime. During situations where clipping it isn't going to impact the overall uptime of the buff it's not a dps loss to clip it. Just like back with the legendary daggers, when they proc'd you still just spammed envenom regardless of clipping because it didn't affect the uptime (ie whether you clipped or not the buff would still be up for the entire buff duration + the normal duration after), but delaying would mean wasting finishers. There was no loss by clipping. The same applies to any situation where increased energy or combo point generation makes it so that the buff will have 100% uptime during that period, you're not loosing any uptime by clipping so you're not loosing any dps and you just want to maximize your damage from other sources (ie finishers) during that time while the situation lasts.

Just like with the legendary proc you wouldn't want to delay envenoms during Shadow Blades because doing so would just waste the extra cps you could be generating. The extra finishers wouldn't be contributing to your uptime, but delaying them wouldn't increase your uptime either.

The most you would want to do is try to save/bank an envenom at the end to try to avoid clipping once the increased energy/cp period is over.

You would not want to use Eviscerate because Envenom does more damage than Eviscerate anyways.

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