Professions for Monks

What is the general opinion of professions? The only professions I don't currently have are Engineer and Blacksmithing. I was thinking of going leatherworker, but now i'm rethinking. What is the opinion of ye mighty monks?
- Kinda any profession has it's pros and counters

leatherwork is well, best i guess?

but Im blacksmith, extra sockets for the win XD
LW/Scribe here. 500 agi to wrists,cheap leg enchants, and 520 agi 100crit to shoulders.
Engineer is strong for MoP end-game, apparently. Trinkets, I think it is?

BS = extra sockets; this gives you flexibility to gem for the socket bonuses you want to meet while still getting stats you want, and provides flexibility for those who run 2 specs

Inscription seems strong for Mistweavers because of the OH; our OT (druid) is also a scribe, and is very excited about the Agi staff he's making, so I presume Inscription is decent for WW & BM too.

Alchemy gives you easy flexibility for prof bonuses if you switch between specs a lot

JC - same as Alchemy & BS

And of course as others have mentioned, LW for the raid-quality gear you can make throughout the xpac if you can get your hands on the patterns (some - many? - will be drops from mobs).
I went inscription because our guild doesn't have one yet on our new server. Beneficial upside is that Inscriptionist can craft 472 epic staves that are BoA (they have 3, an agi, an int/hit, and an int/spirit one).

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