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Has anyone else had problems with Switch Pet refusing to work?

I've had that problem with a Parrot. I try to switch him out but it won't work and the enemy just keeps taking turns one after another until he is dead. I don't get a turn at all. It just seems to be that one pet.
YES happened last night. I would try to switch out my pet nothing would happen and I would lose my turn. Happened 4 times in a row and my pet was killed because the other pet hit him 4 times in a row.
mine was not the parrot though, I was facing a rabbit and either using a turtle or a spider.
Here's what I found out. I'm not sure if this is coincidence or not, but it worked every time I had this issue (it happened to me 3 times yesterday). I tend to hit and queue my skills pretty quick. I think that there are times when the system registers that you pushed a button, but it can't determine what that action was and treats it as a pass. I don't know if it has to do with system lag or what.

I find that if I keep hitting a skill, I will keep losing my turn and the other team keeps taking action. however, when it starts happening, if I pause for 5-10 seconds and then hit the skill, it will go off as normal and things will continue fine.

Like I said, it might be coincidence, but it seems to work for me.
Same issue with my Pheonix Hatchling, every time I tried to hit attack button it passed my turn and I got hit 5 times in a row untill dead. Ill try the waiting 5-10 sec thing next time!
I've found this happens when I switch too quickly. I will be trying to go fast, so right when the window pops up I click on the pet I want to switch to, but the active pet stays in the battle and the enemy attacks, just like as if I had passed. Really annoying.
Yeah, I've had this problem too, and I've had it a lot. It's frustrating to go through 3+ rounds where I try to switch, it doesn't register, and the other pet just wails on mine like nothing happened.

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