Balance changes Jumping the gun?

Pet Battles
For those that haven't seen, there have been a number of balance changes implemented

The system has not really been out all that long people are still trying to wrap their heads around all the abilities and counters and form strategies and counters-strategies.

Take the clockwork gnome's turret, this was easily countered by magma wave/tidal wave, a shielding ability or best of all brittle web.

If left unchecked the gnome was able to setup dual turrets and really put in some damage over 3 turns, with the burst/dps potential reduced there is no longer a need to counter it, you just spam any ability and hope for rng in your favor. I see this as diluting the skill involved in pet battles.

My question is have blizzard jumped the gun with this round of tweaks and adjustments (not talking about bug fixes only balance changes)?

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